Dear Friends,

Please let me introduce myself to those who do not know me yet: I am Alexander Gromow and I live in São Paulo/SP, Brazil. My hobby is the VW-Beetle and I had the opportunity to achieve some important goals in this field, as for instance the establishing in Bad Camberg of the World-Wide VW-Beetle Day (22rd of June of each year). Now that I stepped out of the Board of Directors of the Fusca Clube do Brazil due to professional reasons, I am still working in the field of the VW-Beetle story preservation. My present circular letter is related to a specific independent project that I describe below.

This is "our quest" ("our" because your participation is very important) to document VW-Beetle images used in signs & murals around the world. As a matter of fact I have

also seen Karmann-Ghia and Kombi (Transporter) murals. There are paintings made accurately almost like a photography, and, on the other hand, there are some that require a lot of feeling to come to the conclusion that the "artist" tried to draw a VW-Beetle. It is almost like looking a modern art painting. In fact this is amazing.

The VW-Beetle is still being used as model in pieces that I do classify as being popular art. Below you can see one example here from England. I wonder if in your country there are these kind of pieces of art. I saw one driving school in Munich, Germany, that uses a VW-Beetle cabriolet in its logo. In Mexico there is one car rental that uses a VW-Beetle, near Orlando, in Florida, there is one used cars stores that uses the VW-Beetle for advertisement purposes, and so one. Here in Brazil it is still possible to find such pieces of popular art in car repair shops, spare parts stores, tires repair shops, driving schools, etc.

The world progress will substitute the VW-Beetle by other cars very soon, and I’m trying to fix this art in form of pictures. For sure I won’t be able to fix a significative amount of pieces alone, therefore I’m asking for your help to search and fix these kind of material available in your City and in your Country.

As you know there are the most surprising places to find the image of the VW-Beetle being used, I request you to kindly take pictures of these kind of material, keep note of the address were the piece is, if possible from the artist, and some peculiar aspect, and send it to the address below. According to my experience the major problem is to find out some information about the paintings themselves; but at least the location, name of the store, car wash, tires repair shop, etc. where the painting is, date when the picture was made are possible to get. Please inform the name and address of the photographer in order to give the corresponding credits.

I would much appreciate if you could divulge and participate with me in this survey.

Please send your material or information to:
Alexander Gromow

PO Box 46321
05110-970 São Paulo/SP Brazil

Fax.: ++55 11 3908-2161

e-mail: a.gromow@hotmail.com

Picture made by Dave Hall in Canteburry, England. It shows a sign in a parklot. This was the first contribution received per Internet.

 Fotografia de Dave Hall, trata-se de uma placa de um estacionamento de Canteburry, na Inglaterra. Esta placa chama a atenção para a necessidade de se fechar o carro à chave. Esta foi a primeira contribuição recebida via Internet

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